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    • Want to add. I have been enjoying a lot of MyLeague games (so 5v5 NBA games) and also what Ive noticed is that the AI would suddenly chain dribble moves on the iso. I'm not speaking about how we get it done but its nearer to 2k20 mt the rhythm dribbles in 18/19. 90 percent of the timethey shoot at it afterwards. They do you dirty since they create them too lol by using a very easy combo although it feels like the AI cheats. Prominent with Harden, Steph and Dame. I edited the sliders for player movement and superstars for me have enhanced. The ratios shifted from the default 70-40 to 85-15 and raised the slider to increase the difference between gamers. It has helped the pace of NBA 2K20play resemble actual life a little more. Also upping Hustle for both participant and CPU has made loose balls frantic. Trae Young plays extremely realistic, after adjusting these sliders and I have not played Curry however but then I would assume it would help improve the immersion, if he performs similar. I remember mine. I was in Afghanistan and that I had a notebook with me. None of those big ones, small base. So much pleasure. We played 6 or 5 seasons. I picked the Clippers to start. Lob City was a cheat code that is fucking. Stealing in that game was busted. You can boost players stats in the end of a year depending on how many awards you have (players on the All star team, MVP, etc.) I fostered Chris Paul's slip to 99 and he could just pickpocket anybody, it was actually broken. Anyway, I'm enjoying with the foundation cook in one of the regular season games inside of the rear of the kitchen. Little space with shelves everywhere. He's up by 2 with just 6 seconds, I get a cheesy ass slip along with a large open 3 with Paul. I am 100% convinced the ball is moving in as Paul's hands are being left by the ball. No doubt in my own mind. I went to celebrate, stood up really quickly, and I did not understand how much I leaned forward. The back of my mind absolutely SMASHED on. It hurt so damn bad. I snapped both hands and buy mt nba 2k20 am only writhing in pain. I look back at the screen and the shot that is fucking clanks out. Not only did I smash my head I also lost NBA 2K20. I really don't think anybody has ever laughed at me harder.
    • The area Includes current Madden NFL players DeAndre Hopkins, Stefon Diggs, Cam Jordan, Travis Kelce, Melvin Gordon, Hollywood Brown, Devonta Freeman and Drew Lock. For the other half of the field, former UFC champions Daniel Cormier and Chris Weidman have been Mut 20 coins for sale in the mix, as are rappers Lil Yachty and YG. Former Colts punter Pat MacAfee, together with Katie Nolan and Omar Raja include the contingent of Madden NFL players who can represent ESPN in the tournament. Meanwhile, the last contestant in the championship is someone that one can't completely pigeonhole in a category that is specific as he's a individual. Needless to say, we're talking about Snoop Dogg, who's done everything from release platinum documents to cooking with Martha Stewart. He has collaborated with everyone from Ice Cube to Dunkin' Donuts. We're taking a look to say the least. Five of the eight Madden NFL players at the championship have made the Pro Bowl in his or her livelihood. Snoop Dogg has coached football and is a big sports fan. It's safe to say he has some skill of understanding how to possibly scheme. In terms of the remainder of the field, we'll have to find out what they bring to the table. Are there upsets? As most tournaments bring some of these, it's pretty much a given. It's going to be tough to work out that has the most positive street to winning the title, until the draw comes out with the matchups. 1 thing that we do understand about this is that it is going to help take people's minds off the fact that things have been such a struggle for everyone with all the pandemic. The championship contest will take place on April 26 on ESPN2 using the winning Madden NFL player with a contribution to Feeding America in the sum of $. Can a Madden NFL player like Nolan, Weidman or even Cormier find a way to conduct the table and sneak a championship to leave the Madden NFL players around the outside looking in this? As soon as they get released we are going to look more but it needs to be highly entertaining. One must think that the trash talk contingent should be with Snoop Dogg from the combination, especially in full swing. Who's your early pick? Can they maybe fix the issue in which my corner rests coverage to buy Madden 20 coins create a play on the ball and has a totally perfect angle to pick off it but they instead decide to just stand there and do nothing and allow the ball whizz right past their heads to some now open receiver for a enormous gain? Occurs every game for me. Waiting to get an EA apologist to inform you that's intentional and you are supposed to switch to the Madden NFL player and make the play. You click on the defender 2 yards off running into the ballcarier, assuming. Instead you click onto to the defender who's seemingly 1.9 yards off but running the away from the ballcarrier.
    • Runescape is a game that is superb. Its quests are different. Training stats constantly unlocks upgrades, and on RS3, grinding is not too bad. You may literally NEVER run out of things. There are ordinary, ironman multiple ways you can play, or even hardcore ironman. A standard account has no limitations, an ironman cannot trade with RuneScape players, and a hardcore cannot trade and has 1 life. They are bad, although Many people would say that the biggest drawback is that RuneScape gold the microtransactions. They act to experience as a small increase. Some folks don't like that, not sure where you stand on it. Highly recommend. Is that you proceed with your mouse, so what's tile and your activities are tied to the tickrate of RuneScape. Those are the worst things about RuneScape when comparing it. Theres also a great deal of microtransactions however you will find mmo's that do it far worse than rs does and you can totally ignore them in which you simply use the free items they provide as it would be kinda silly not to use free stuff just given for you. Its also graphically a bit outdated so you are probably somewhat less likely to invest a lot on microtransactions for decorative products. As for some excellent things about RuneScape I'd say theres a lot to do and my favourite thing about RuneScape is the fact that it has things outside of simply fighting stuff merely to fight more stuff to do. Theres 28 skills in total of which 8 or 9 are combat abilities (depending how you define combat ability ). Most of it is straightforward and grindy but some abilities go unbelievably deep and they interact with other skills in synergy that often is lacking in other mmo's. For group activities to perform co-op stuff with a buddy theres an incredible variety of things to do starting from combat activities like bossing and elite dungeons into an whole ability you'll be able to train doing collectively (dungeoneering) where you go through a dungeon to overcome a boss in the end. Theres also matters such as co-op slayer which lets you do the slayer skill together where you receive a task to perform'x' amount of creature kills. There are also a lot of miniquests you are able to perform collectively but they are grouped articles most of the time also and can be difficult to find people to do with depending on the minigame and time. You'll also be spending a considerable quantity of time grinding skills up to a place at which it's possible to do most things if you're new and do not know where to get started with but that can be repaired by requesting more seasoned RuneScape players as well as looking things up on manuals on youtube or the amazing wiki that RuneScape has (probably the best maintained wiki in any mmo out there). It's hard to buy RS gold exactly go in detail about a lot of those things in RuneScape and its own weaknesses and strenghts but overall its a sport that holds up decent and can be incredibly fun with the right folks to play with.
    • Muchas gracias, y si seria para unos 4 clientes algo pequeño para empezar
    • Buenas, me he metido a este foro porque ya lo he intentando todo y nada. Expongo mi problema: Vivo en un edificio en el que la fibra solo funciona en un ala, en el otro ala se conecta y desconecta continuamente. Hemos cambiado de compañía muchas veces, preguntado al servicio técnico y nada. Los vecinos con los que compartimos fachada están igual.  En realidad no es solo la fibra. La conexión compartida también se cae o no se conecta directamente. La cosa es que  cuando llamamos a las compañías, no detectan ningún fallo desde sus oficiones. Según ellos todo funciona correctamente. No sabemos si hay algún inhibidor en algún sitio u otro dispositivo raro que nos pueda estar dando estos problemas. Un saludo a todos y gracias de antemano
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