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  1. None of that worked but there is one strange thing that seemed to make a difference. My zaapa card has this small software that all it does is show the quality and strength of the signal nothing else so i don't even use it. But i turn it on to see if there were any options and then realized that the connection never went down again. This is very strange because i had it off before and used the connection without a problem but now only with the proggie it seems to stay alive. So so weird but I'm not about to mess with something that works Thanks for all the help.
  2. I've looked on both those places before posting in this forum. I googled for answers also but didn't find anything, there is no such option unless it's internal to the network adapter or something. Any other ideas? It seems that no one has ever had this problem.
  3. Thanks for asking. Yet again I ask that u write in spanish this is after all a spanish forum. I tried changing channels, it was one of the 1st things i remembered to try before realizing that it was going down every 3 minutes. After noticing that i ignored other devices , distance and stuff like that as a possible cause.
  4. Thanks for answering me even marleysoft that went to the trouble of saying he doesn't know First I would like for you to answer in spanish to keep the forum spanish i would write it in spanish if I knew more. Now about your idea jrfran, there are no options anywhere for energy saving related to my card, can't find anything. Looked everywhere. I had read something about it in the forum even before you gave that idea and had looked for it but didn't find anything. There are no options unless they are in some place I haven't found yet. Any other ideas?
  5. Hello, i know this is a spanish forum and I found it of great use, congratulations and I'm sorry for writting in english but my written spanish is not that great Still my understanding is quite good so please keep using spanish. I have a peculiar problem that I've been trying to fix, been looking for an answer for this but haven't been able to find one yet. My wireless connection goes down every 3 minutes, not adsl, just wireless. It's connected, good signal and then it goes unavailable and I have to connect again. Since it occurs every 3 minutes it really seems to be some defined value's fault but I have no idea if it is or where it is, if it's my conceptronic's fault, my zaapa znwusb-54 or windows xp. Does anyone have any idea of what could be causing this? Thank you, and once again sorry for the english.
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