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VoIP problemos.... Ayuda, por favor

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My adsl connection is with and I have an IP telephone.

There seems to be some problems with and VoIP, has anybody else experienced this kind of problems?

My IP phone refuses to connect to the VoIP providor. We have tried another IP phone, we have tried another firmware for this 3Com router. The firewall has ofcourse been disablet during all our tests, but noting helped.

We haven't tried another router, but do you think this will make any different?

We called one day, and they said it wasn't possible..... But I dont know if this person new all the details about this type of data communication.

Has anyone else experinced VoIP problems with


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Hello...I think that s not an ISP's problem( your router is a 3com812 tell them to change it(for another one) does not work fine with VoIP Metalhead said before... NAT could be the problem but I am sure that if the router is a 3com812 you will have more than a head ache to make it work properly(if u finally are able to make it work fine tell me how u did!!)...It could seem a very radical solution but that is what I did(I am using a speedstream 5660 instead my old 3com812- because of the lot of problem I had with it and VoIP- and now everything works properly)

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