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¿se puede cambiar el rango de ip?


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mi ip es 89.129.***.****

Me dicen que el 129 deberia cambiar cuando desconecto el router de la corriente peor no lo hace.cambia menos que la ip pero deberia hacerlo

Ese me dice que tengo un rango de serie a y k no entienden porque.

el problema es que el is esta listado por spam y no puedo entrar a segun que ftp

What means listed at UCEPROTECT-Level 3?

GAME OVER. We and our users have seen enough spam and heared all possible excusions why some lazy providers think to be not responsible for what their customers are doing.

We are not just another blacklist. We really know better. Spam is always a problem tolerated by the provider.

We have very bad news for you: It seems you have chosen the wrong provider.

Your IP was NOT part of a spamrun, but your provider seems to believe that spam is what the internet was made for.

By tolerating your provider doesn't care about spammers you are also supporting the global spam.

If all people would boycott spammerhaevens, spam-friendly providers wouldn't even exist.

Please send a compliant to your provider and request him to fix this problem immediatly.

Think about this: You pay him for, that you can use the internet without problems.

If he ignores your complaint or claims he can't do anything, you should consider to change your provider.

Don't accept to be fooled. If your provider really wants to stop spam he would install preventive measures.

This 4 little steps would make the difference - and they can be done in less than one hour.

Can't you make an exception for me?

We never make exceptions. Requests are futile. Only your provider can fix this problem.

How can my providers total ip-space be removed from UCEPROTECT-Level 3?

After your provider has fixed his problems, the UCEPROTECT-Level 3 listing will be removed automatically and free of charge as soon as the causal Level 1 listings will expire. Every IP listed at Level 1 expires 7 days after we have seen the last abusive action coming from it.

If your provider don't want to wait for free expiration, he can optionally do Expressdelisting, which is charged a total of 250 EURO.

That is a huge discount compared to our charges for Level 2 or even Level 1 expressdelistings.

It is necessary that problems are fixed in first place, otherwise your providers complete IP-space might end up in Level 3 again within a short timeframe.

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Wenas, si tu tipo de conexión es la denominada por ethernet tu ip no cambiará aunque reinicies el router, comenta a ver si tienes dicha conexión o no...

Y si tu ip cambia pero no el rango, complicado lo vas a tener, puede probar a dejar más tiempo desconectado el router por si hay suerte...


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